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Indian Institute of Integrative Oncology, a dream concept of Prof.Dr. Sandeep Roy is an organization dedicated to a campaign for cancer awareness, cancer prevention and introduction of a revolutionary treatment for cancer. Indian Institute of Integrative Oncology (IIIO) has introduced the famous “Oral Mistletoe Therapy (viscum album/lecitin)” for the treatment of cancer. This life-saver therapy has more than 60% success ratio in Europe. Mistletoe Therapy is the most efficient method of treatment for cancer. Apart from the treatment, IIIO is also involved in social activities that help in educating people about cancer and the ways to prevent it.

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My name is F.V and this is regarding my 68 year old mother, a cervical cancer patient who is currently undergoing treatment under the expertise of Dr Sandeep Roy in Nashik-India. I would like to share a detailed testimony and positive results we have seen with Dr Sandeep Roy mistletoe therapy mode of treatment. My mom was diagnosed with 3rd stage cervical cancer in the August 2013 and the doctors of a known big hospital in Pune, India advised immediate surgery which resulted in an open and shut case on the surgery table as cancer cells had advanced till her abdomen region. She was then recommended external radiation for 6 weeks followed by internal radiation (chemotherapy was ruled out due to her physical condition). While she took radiation her condition worsened and she did not respond to radiation too advancing the cancer to upper 4th stage. She also developed severe mental delirium, fluid accumulation in abdomen due to liver dysfunction, lymph nodes and other life threatening problems. She lost her senses and consciousness by last week of March 2014 and finally the top and well known Oncologists, Surgeons, Nephrologist and Physician who were treating her told us that they cannot help her and she is in the final stages where it was just a matter of time till it all ends. They asked us to take her home in that condition and also told us that she might not regain consciousness. This is when we decided to take her to Dr Sandeep Roy who all along was following up with me on my mother’s condition (after I got in touch with him thru google search) and persuaded me continuously to bring her as is to his hospital as he was very confident he could take care of her and give her better quality of life. My mom was taken to Dr Sandeep Roy in a cardiac ambulance on March 29, 2014. Dr Roy and his team started the treatment immediately and it was a very aggressive line of treatment. She was put on mistletoe therapy given by Dr Roy along with other secondary care. Within 2 hours of starting the treatment my mom gain consciousness which built our hope and faith. I can happily testify that Dr Roy and his method of treatment using mistletoe therapy has worked wonders for my mother who was declared as a failed case by other top doctors in Pune, India. Not only did she gain consciousness but her mental delirium is fading away and she is speaking normal with whatever energy she has. Recent CT scan and MRI reports have shown extremely encouraging results with no sign of lymph nodes which were rampant and the cervical cancer is shrinking too. All her vitals too are normal and with each passing day of the treatment we are seeing new progress in a positive way. Dr Roy’s faith in the method of treatment he follows using mistletoe extract, his knowledge, care for his patients, continuous availability to monitor his patients is definitely showing great results in the cases he is handling and giving a better life to them where others have failed. I can vouch for that as I see my mother currently being treated by him and benefiting from the treatment. For Dr Roy: Thank you Dr Roy. We hope your work reaches more and more to battle cancer. Wish you the best. If you have any questions regarding my mother’s case or our experience with Dr Sandeep Roy mistletoe therapy, please do not hesitate to write to me or call me on the number given below. I am in pacific time zone and live in California. Thank you.


Dear Friends Greetings. Let me introduce myself. I am D.P an average middle class Indian Bengali, working with Samsonite, staying with my family in Nashik since 2007. My Parents stay in our home town -Kolkata. My father is 70 years old now. He is a patient of Prostrate cancer, having Blood pressure problems since the age of 40. Since last five years back has developed the problem of Blood Sugar as well. Prostrate Cancer was detected to him on Sept 2015 that too in Fourth stage. We got frightened as there is very less awareness to us about the disease. As a normal person we heard about radiation & chemo therapy for this treatment. The evil part of this disease is that we could come to know about it, when it has already done a major damage to the body part. The treatment local physicians were giving were the painkillers to mitigate the pain. The MRI reports had revealed that it has done a major damage in the rib cage & it was escalating at a faster rate. The pain that he was going through had made us to believe that he will be hardly with us for not more than 3 to 4 months ( Dec 15 or Jan 16) He was becoming weak day by day. He could barely walk, hardly could stand without support. His diet had reduced very much. I was puzzled as how to proceed with the treatment of my father. Through a family friend I got in touch with Dr Sandeep Roy . He has agreed to take this challenge. We brought my father to Nashik & admitted him to the hospital nearby to my residence in Oct 15. The case was handled in steps. The first thing done was an operation for cathedral as to eliminate his issue to go to toilet & feeling the pain for prostate issue in every two hour (due to Blood Sugar problem). The second thing was to arrest to cancerous cells as not to propagate further. Biopsy was done for the prostrate glands & cancer was confirmed. Now Doctor has proposed to operate for Testis removal. He was operated for the same in Nov 15. Simultaneously medicines were going on to mitigate the pain of the cancer & kill the cancerous cell. He had started recovering. The only thing that we has done on our part was – to obey the Doctors’ prescription. Our hopes arose for his life. Doctor has asked for the injections of Viscum Album to continue till July 16. ( Ten sets). The best place a human being wants to lives is in his own house. On July 16, I took my father back to Kolkata. Here his improvement has further progressed. Two year has passed , now it is Aug 17 since the treatment started. My father is leading a normal life. His diet has improved. With precaution he is going to market, going to banks all by himself indendently. My parents are continuously blessing the Doctor Sandeep Roy for the miracle – the treatment he has done. Our family’s sincere gratitude towards the Doctor & his team. The PSA records of my father are as follows.

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About Us

Indian Institute of Integrative Oncology, a dream concept of Prof.Dr. Sandeep Roy is an organization dedicated to a campaign for cancer awareness, cancer prevention and introduction of a revolutionary integrative treatment for cancer.

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