Cancer Care


Sharing knowledge on Integrative Cancer Care from top experts, current research and recommended resources. Asking better questions and finding better answers.

Cancer Care


Creating and connecting a heart-focused Integrative Cancer Care community of clients and professionals practicing mindfulness and compassion.

Cancer Care


Empowering people affected by cancer and health and wellness professionals through education, resources and community.

Cancer Care


Working to promote safety, professionalism and best practices in complementary and integrative cancer care modalities.

Cancer Care


Identifying effective and evidence-based modalities with contributions from modern science and ancient wisdom.

Cancer Care


In order to deliver the safest and most effective integrative therapies to people affected by cancer, barriers to access such as cost and availability need to be addressed and minimized.

Cancer Cure

Cancer cure, a dream concept of Dr. Sandeep Roy, is an organization dedicated to campaign for cancer awareness, cancer prevention and introduction of a revolutionary treatment of cancer. Cancer cure has introduced the famous “Mistletoe Therapy (viscum album/lecitin)” for treatment of cancer. This life-saver therapy has more than 60% success ratio in Europe. The Mistletoe Therapy is the most efficient method of treatment of cancer. Apart from treatment, Cancer Cure is also involved in social activities that help in educating people on cancer on the ways to prevent it.

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