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Cancer care, a dream concept of Prof.Dr. Sandeep Roy is an organization dedicated to campaign for cancer awareness, cancer prevention and introduction of a revolutionary treatment of cancer. Cancer care has introduced the famous “Mistletoe Therapy (viscum album/lecitin)” for treatment of cancer. This life-saver therapy has more than 60% success ratio in Europe. The Mistletoe Therapy is the most efficient method of treatment of cancer. Apart from treatment, Cancer care is also involved in social activities that help in educating people on cancer on the ways to prevent it.

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Meet Prof. Dr. Sandeep Roy

It has been my dream to educate the masses about the dreaded disease of cancer and provide a low-cost, but effective treatment for cancer. Cancer care will help me realize my dream.

- Prof. Dr. Sandeep Roy
MD(Practice of Medicine), AEMT (Germany), Specialist in Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer Management, Guest Professor, MHMC, Nashik