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by Prof. Dr. Sandeep Roy , Jun 05, 2019

Coffee Enema for Cancer Management and Detoxification...

Does a cup of coffee get your day started? If so, you are joined by 54 percent of the U.S. population who enjoy that daily pick-me-up. But would you ever guess that coffee could help you heal cancer? While there are a number of studies that link coffee consumption to reduced cancer risk, at Indian Institute of Integrative Oncology (previously known as Cancer Care Foundation) Treatment Center, we advocate that coffee be consumed not as a beverage but as part of an enema — a key detoxification method to support cancer healing. Detox to Heal Whether you are healing your cancer via conventional (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) or alternative (holistic, non-toxic) methods, your body still has to process dead cancer cells and excrete the waste products through the blood, liver, and colon. As a result, detoxification is an important complementary therapy to support cancer die off and healing. At Indian Institute of Integrative Oncology (previously known as Cancer Care Foundation) , we take the detoxification process very seriously and include a number of therapies in our treatment regimen to ensure that our patients’ bodies deal with the normal toxicity that comes when cancer cells die off, also known as “necrosis.” After searching the globe for the most effective detoxification processes, we have found coffee enemas to be one of the best methods. While we also include near infra-red saunas, juice fasting, and biological dentistry as part of our detoxification regimen, today’s post concentrates on the specific benefits of coffee enemas for the colon and the liver. Clean As A Whistle Colon cleansing is an ancient and time-honored health practice for rejuvenating the lower digestive system. One of the earliest known instances of colon cleansing was recorded in Egypt more than 4,000 years ago. Later, Hippocrates taught these procedures in his health care system. Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., the father of colonics, stated once that “death begins in the colon.” According to him, about 85 percent of people suffer from impaired digestion and elimination. The long term impact of colonic obstructions results from the accumulation of toxins, poor absorption of nutrients, and a progressively weakened immune system. Most cancer patients we see at Indian Institute of Integrative Oncology (previously known as Cancer Care Foundation) have impaired digestive systems in some form or another. In the case of cancer, maintaining good colon health takes on an increased significance. A healthy digestive system is key to sustaining a strong immune system, and cleansing the colon is important for removing carcinogenic toxins. During cancer treatment, large tumors break down into necrotic areas, forming dead tissue that the body eliminates through the digestive system. When there is improper colon health, toxins can accumulate in the colon and complicate the healing process. The liver is also a key organ in the detoxification process during cancer healing. The liver eliminates its waste through the colon. But when there is not a clear pathway for elimination, there is increased stress on the liver, which can even cause metastatic disease in that organ. Your Personal Roto-Rooter: Coffee in the form of a coffee enema — rather than the cup you enjoy with breakfast — is an excellent conduit for cleansing the colon and the liver. When inserted rectally, coffee is absorbed through the venous system in the lower part of the colon and goes directly into the liver. It then stimulates the liver to produce more bile, which flushes out the toxins from that organ. This frees up the liver’s capacity to process more toxins instead of being in a constant state of overload. Without this detoxification, the toxins remain concentrated in the bloodstream and various tissues and organs, causing overall toxicity in the body. Most patients at Indian Institute of Integrative Oncology (previously known as Cancer Care Foundation), Treatment Centers are prescribed coffee enemas for detoxification as part of their healing program. The coffee enemas are passed via an ultra modern technology device where the flow and temperature of the enema is controlled and held in the colon for a few minutes before being expelled. How It Works While a coffee enema is held in the colon for a few minutes, the entire blood system in the body passes through the liver about five times! The blood carries toxins from other parts of the body and is picked up by the liver for processing. The coffee acts as a stimulant to open up the bile duct, which allows the toxins to be released and expelled out through the rectum. Another important role of the coffee enema is to stimulate the increased production of Glutathione S-Transferase (GST) by 600 to 700 percent. GST is an enzyme that contributes to the removal of free radicals and toxins from the blood. The radicals leave the liver and gallbladder as bile salts flowing through the duodenum. The Best Coffee At Indian Institute of Integrative Oncology (previously known as Cancer Care Foundation) , we look high and low to find the best organic green coffee for our enema patients. We have found a coffee high in caffeine and palmitic acid is best for the coffee enema. Is it Time for a Cleanse? Don’t let the “ick” factor of a coffee enema keep you from healing your body. It is easy to do at home with minimal equipment and investment. We are convinced of the coffee enema’s healing properties and as a non-toxic therapy, we recommend it for cancer patients and anyone else who wants a healthier liver and colon. Lymph fluid moves through the body at about 4 ounces per hour, but when one does a coffee enema, it speeds up the flow of the lymphatic fluid 2 to 3 times faster. This allows the lymphatic system to dump the toxic load even faster. This protocol is used to raise the alkalinity in the fluids and tissues. Drinking coffee will severely drop the alkalinity in the body; no drinking coffee or tea throughout the day — or you will make your body acidic. Coffee enemas also stimulate the liver and gallbladder and are the greatest aid in the elimination of the liver’s toxic waste. “The coffee enema, besides stimulating liver detoxification, also has beneficial effects in cleaning the colon. Coffee is an excellent solvent for encrusted waste accumulated along the walls of the colon. The caffeine also directly stimulates the peristaltic muscle to contract more powerfully and loosen such deposits, which are occasionally visible as hard, black material and ‘ropes' of mucus. Essentially, the coffee enemas help the liver perform a task for which it was not designed — the elimination of years of accumulated waste.” — Dr. William Kelley, One Answer To Cancer According to Mike Vrentas of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, there are three main reasons for doing a coffee enema: Speeds the lymphatic flow of fluids, releasing the toxic load from the lymphatic system. Stimulate the liver and gallbladder and are the greatest aid in the elimination of the liver’s toxic waste. Pain from cancer is partially or completely alleviated. .