Cancer Care Organisation by Prof.Dr. Sandeep Roy
by Prof. Dr. Sandeep Roy , May 21, 2019

Colon Hydrotherapy for Cancer

Cancer is one of those diseases that result from an overdose of toxins in the body. Since toxins in the body grow in concentration, they tend to oxidize cells and precipitate cell malignancy. To counter the effects of cancer, one needs to eliminate all toxins from the body. However, it is not easy to remove the body using modern medicine. In fact, modern medicine may add toxins even when it removes some. The total sum is not zero resulting in no improvement. Colonic hydrotherapy may be a good solution to get rid of toxins. Colon Hydrotherapy It is a process in homeopathy wherein the colon is irrigated to remove toxins. The advent of hydrotherapy, though, was not to treat or manage cancer, but to treat various gastroenterology problems involving the colon such as ileitis, colitis, diverticulitis, etc. Colon hydrotherapy has been found to be quite useful in treating these conditions. People who suffer from stomach problems like abdominal distention, bloating, gas, stomach aches, etc. can get relief from this therapy. It has been observed that if the colon is cleansed well, the efficacy of the body to absorb vitamin A increases. This happens since the intestinal tract can more effectively absorb the vitamin. So what is there in it to fight or manage cancer? A lot, indeed. Colon Hydrotherapy and Cancer Management Since colon hydrotherapy increases the absorption of vitamin A, remove toxins, and enhance overall well being and immunity of the body, it can be a good remedy to at least manage cancer, if not to fight it. Studies have shown that there is an inverse relationship between the amount of Vitamin A taken through diet and malignancy of tumors. In fact, an appreciable reduction in the growth of malignant tumors has been witnessed in cases where the dietary intake of Vitamin A is more. This implies that this vitamin has the ability to inhibit the growth of malignancy. This itself can be a very good remedy against cancer. However, it is not just the increased ability of Vitamin A that helps in fighting cancer. With colon hydrotherapy, the efficiency of the colon and immunity of the person increases in general. The patient undergoes a transformation in terms of his gastrointestinal abilities and problems. Since toxins are also removed the effect of malignant cells comes down to some extent. All these and enhanced immunity may help in fighting cancer. How Vitamin A helps? Vitamin A is also known as retinol which influences cell proliferation and apoptosis, the main issues involved in cancer. It has the ability to influence important physiologic processes. In fact, derivatives of Vitamin A target the genes involved in the pathological processes of repair of tissues after injury. This helps in cancer management since it is these genes which are involved in the proliferation of cells as one can see in cancer..