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by Prof. Dr. Sandeep Roy , Feb 24, 2020

Cure Cancer Without Surgery - Dr. Sandeep Roy

Types of Cancer Treatment • Surgery • Radiation Therapy • Chemotherapy • Immunotherapy to Treat Cancer • Targeted Therapy • Hormone Therapy • Stem Cell Transplant • Precision Medicine • Mistletoe therapy Mistletoe therapy: Dr. Sandeep Roy has been practicing within the field of cancer preventition for the past decade. He has taken efforts to make awareness about cancer for the past six years. He's one among the few doctors in India who cure cancer without surgery by mistletoe therapy and has played a crucial role in creating awareness of this cost-effective and efficient therapy for cancer patients. He has won recognition for his persistent efforts in creating awareness about cancer, it's symptoms and therefore the importance of early diagnosis. Mistletoe therapy may improve symptoms and quality of life for cancer patients, but definitive information remains lacking. Mistletoe may be a semi-parasitic plant that grows on various host trees. Although unusual oral mistletoe goods are marketed as dietary additions and homeopathic medicine, the largest research project has only assessed intravenous or injected formulations that aren't allowed as prescribed drugs within us. Basic research shows that mistletoe extracts may stimulate the system to fight cancer. Investigations in humans reveal that mistletoe treatment may improve indications and decrease the side consequences of cancer treatments. A pair of investigations show it's going to even have some results on survival. More examinations are required to determine if mistletoe is often used as supportive therapy in cancer care. Purported Uses: 1.To treat cancer and cancer symptoms: Laboratory and animal studies show some anticancer activity. Some human studies show that mistletoe extract can reduce symptoms from cancer treatments which patients live longer. However, more studies are needed to verify these effects. 2.To treat hepatitis: Clinical trials show conflicting results. 3.To treat HIV and AIDS: Some studies find that mistletoe extract can affect the system in HIV patients. However, there's not enough evidence to point out that it are often used as a treatment. 4.To lower high vital sign: Laboratory data show that mistletoe may lower vital sign , but no studies are done to ascertain if it's an efficient treatment for top vital sign . 5.As an immune stimulant: Laboratory and animal studies also as some human studies show that mistletoe can both modulate and stimulate the system . Do not take if: You are pregnant: Some mistletoe compounds can stimulate the uterus to contract, which may increase abortion risk. You are taking cytochrome P450 3A4 substrate drugs: Mistletoe may increase the danger of side effects of those drugs. To know more about how to cure cancer without surgery visits our website. .