Cancer Care Organisation by Prof.Dr. Sandeep Roy
by Prof. Dr. Sandeep Roy , Apr 06, 2020

Mistletoe Therapy For Cancer Management and its advantages

Dear colleagues, I hope you all are doing good and safe at home with your family at this crazy time. May I take this opportunity to share a little about my work on Mistletoe Therapy For Cancer Management. I have been working on the subject for the past 20 years and I understand very well the benefits it has on cancer patients. Given the restrictions imposed on the parenteral mode of its administration by the regulatory authorities, we worked hard to get the restrictions relaxed and worked with top government authorities but it seems that it won't be possible for at least 2 more decades. We were, in the meantime parallely working on developing an Oral Formulation of Mistletoe Extracts called Mistletoe Viscum and got the Patent for the same. These products have been very well tested and and approved by the regulatory authorities in India and the United States approval is in process and is expected to be completed very soon. The contents of these oral formulations (eg: lectins, viscotoxins, polysaccharides, flavonoids etc) are not destroyed in the Gastric Juices as they they are safely carried by the hard shell capsules through the Gastric Juice into the intestine where they get released and are absorbed into the circulation. The bioavailability of the parenteral form is nearly zero (other than Fraxini 20mg, which is the only mistletoe which shows a little bit of bioavailability and the rest don't) where as the high dose of oral Mistletoe (250mg, 350mg, 500mg) show abundant bioavailability resulting in better induction of apoptosis and better immunomodulation. Advantages of Oral dosage : Appropriate for any patient, whatever the age is. The most natural and easiest route of administration. Includes a big variety of dosage forms. Economical and safe to the patient. No nursing is required, which means the patient can take it with no help. Toxicity is delayed due to the late onset of action which permits easier recovery than in case of other dosage forms. Better patient compliance. Disadvantages of Parenteral Injections : The dosage form must be administered by trained personnel and require more time than those administered by other routes. Parenteral administration requires strict adherence to aseptic procedures, and some pain on injection is inevitable. It is difficult to reverse its physiological effect. The manufacturing and packaging requirements, parenteral dosage forms are more. expensive than preparations of given by other routes. Etc Available as Mistletoe Viscum Mali (250mg, 350mg and 500mg) Mistletoe Viscum Ulmus (250mg, 350mg and 500mg) Mistletoe Viscum Pini (250mg, 350mg and 500mg) Mistletoe Viscum Betula (250mg, 350mg and 500mg). I am attaching a copy of the flyer for your reference, please let me know your thoughts..