Cancer Care Organisation by Prof.Dr. Sandeep Roy
by Prof. Dr. Sandeep Roy , Aug 03, 2019

On Cancer Daignosis : Supplements to ponder about

When you are diagnosed with cancer you are also plagued with all sorts of miracle cures, advices, treatment protocols, supplements, chemotherapy, radiation, alternative medicines but there are some supplements that are to be thought about some of them are as follows: The most important and the most promising one is CURCUMIN, FISH OIL, GARLIC, GINGER, GREEN TEA, ASHVAGANDHA, MELATONIN, ARTEMISIA , MORINGA , TOCOTRIENOL, Vitamin D, MUSHROOMS, ARTESUNATE, EGGS, GROUND FLAXSEED, GRAVIOLA, RESERVTROL, QUERCETIN, CHLOROGENIC ACID, EPIGENIN, PHYTOESTROGEN, HONOKIOL, MILK THISTLE, CHLOROGENIC ACID, FOLIC ACID, ELLAGIC ACID. .