Mistletoe Therapy

Reactions Under

Mistletoe Therapy

1 Inflammatory reaction with increased flow of blood and swelling in the region of the rumors is seen occasionally with usual subcutaneous injection. This passes off in a few hours.

2 Slight increase in body temperature occurs which is desirable as a curative process.

3 Transient increase in the neutrophil component of white blood cell count, which persists for some hours.

4 Immune stimulation as a whole and consequent inhibition of tumours development which lead to :

⤑ Improvement in the general condition.

⤑ Increased appetite.

⤑ Gain in weight.

⤑ Improve sleep.

⤑ Decrease in fatigue and depression.

⤑ Stimulation of urinary and bowel functions.

⤑ Reduction of disappearance of pain.

5 Increase tolerance to irradiation and/or chemotherapy.

6 Relief of pain & subjective improvement in patient are most striking even in advanced stages of cancer and in spite of the progressive course of the tumour.

7 Very rarely oral suspension (varumin) causes diarrhea.