Mistletoe Therapy

Therapeutic Application of

Mistletoe Therapy

⤑ Early malignancies. Here it has the greatest scope, especially in Stage 0, i.e Carcinoma-in-situ.

⤑ Advanced malignancies. Here it is of considerable help in inoperable tumours, recurrences, widespread metastases and in terminal cases, it brings about palliation.

⤑ It is used as a prophylactic for malignant lesions in pre-cancerous states, where regression of the lesions take place.

⤑ Benign neoplasms.

⤑ Surgery-Inoperable tumours become operable through delineation of the tumours by Mistletoe therapy. During the operation, it hastens a smooth convalescence. Early follow-up treatment by Mistletoe results in a significant reduction in the incidence of recurrences and late metastases by about 30-40%.

⤑ Concurrent with chemotherapy and/or radiation, Mistletoe prevents or reduces toxic side effects, promotes tolerance as well as dispersion of the tumours.